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Vicki Abadesco

Vicki Abadesco, Director

Vicki Abadesco is an expert educator and program consultant with over 20 years of leadership work with schools and organizations throughout the United States and abroad. Her extensive work with a wide diversity of thousands of youth and adults allows her to have a constant pulse on what people need to be launched into lifelong success and growth.

Her expertise and training includes individual and group level counseling, conflict resolution, crisis intervention and accelerated learning techniques. She has written, created and produced several life skills curriculum manuals and activity card decks, including Leadership: Truth or Dare and Mentor Magic. Vicki is also the developer for the companion curriculum to the College Life 101 internet radio talk show for students, distributed to First Year Experience educators from more than 50 schools across the nation.

Joseph Savage, Director

Joseph Savage is a California credentialed teacher who has been working in education for over 20 years. He believes that educating the whole person and creating a safe environment are imperative to having successful learning experiences. In addition to his classroom teaching his educational accomplishments include directing student generated plays, training conflict resolution skills for youth and adults, conducting school wide assemblies on peace and creating practical curriculum.

As a teacher, Joseph is known for crafting nurturing and academically focused atmospheres for his students. As a teacher coach/mentor he is supportive and inspiring. In addition to his educational experience he has written, performed, and directed theater productions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Melanie Hopson, Administrative Coordinator

Melanie Hopson has enjoyed a variety of positions in community organizations. For 25 years she has worked in school districts, summer and day camps, non-profits, the YMCA, and various ecumenical settings. Melanie is extremely skilled at creating systems and advancing great ideas. She’s one of those people who can’t help but be organized and detail-oriented.



Emily Bowen

Emily Bowen, Assistant Director

Emily Bowen possesses fierce integrity, a love of collaboration, and a quick wit. She is a natural diplomat and liaison. She brings useful skills in experiential learning, facilitation, teamwork, creative problem solving, and clear communication. Emily has a blended past of working in health care, non-profits, and as a business owner. Emily believes strongly in a fun and abundant future for Soul Shoppe!




Shawna Jones, Office Manager

Shawna Jones, Office Manager

Shawna Jones comes to Soul Shoppe with years of experience in office management, bookkeeping, and administrative roles. Her eagerness to take on new challenges with a smile is just one of the many positive contributions she brings to our office. Shawna excels most in positions that encourage creative input, teamwork and open communication.

She is thrilled to be working alongside others who feel as passionately as she does about helping to make the world a better place for everyone in it. In her free time, Shawna enjoys live music, cooking, the ocean, traveling, photography and being crafty.



Daniel Bruno, Facilitator

Daniel Bruno is an award winning actor and musician from the Bay Area. His work in the arts branched out to teaching acting and directing plays for children a few years ago, and eventually led him to Soul Shoppe, where Daniel feels right at home. Daniel brings with him over twenty years experience, a boat-load of passion and a whole lotta love.

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Amy MacClain, Facilitator

Amy MacClain is a Bay Area Native whose extensive experience with youth includes substitute teaching, directing plays, leading youth camps, bilingual tutoring (Spanish/English), sports coaching and most recently parenting! As a mother and community leader, Amy co-founded a child care co-operative based on conscious intentional parenting, teaching toddlers how to express their feelings positively and listen to each other (yes! this is possible!) while providing a supportive environment for parents to explore how they were parented in an effort to create the most nurturing and educational space for the entire community.

Amy has trained in conflict resolution, Re-Evaluation Counseling and social oppression work. She is also a singer/songwriter with over 10 years performing experience. She is delighted to bring all of her experience together to lead powerful workshops and assemblies for schools.

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Jennifer Ferlito

Jennifer Ferlito, Facilitator

A California native, Jennifer Ferlito was raised in a beautiful home with love. However, she always had feelings of not being good enough and this led to years of insecurities, bad relationships, frustrations and not-so-good choices.

In high school she pushed herself and was an honor roll student, a winning MVP soccer athlete, and she made the dean’s list in college; but nothing brought the love and approval she craved.

She shares her story of overcoming adversities with a message that everyone experiences pain in their lives and that we all have the power to heal.

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Adhamh Hoeltzel

Adhamh Hoeltzel, Facilitator

Adhamh Hoeltzel is an educator and performer whose sights are set on opening minds and hearts. With his roots in social justice facilitation with youth, Adhamh’s paradigm-transforming aspirations have lead him to his current work with young people, challenging the social and emotional barriers that keep communities from being safe and strong for everyone.

Adhamh is an experienced facilitator, musician, actor, puppeteer, songwriter, screenwriter and curriculum developer. Among many things, Adhamh loves to whistle, water his houseplants, ride his bicycle, and do handstands (ask him to do one for you).

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Zi Sellers

Zi Sellers, Peacemaker Trainer

Zi Sellers is a proud mother of three beautiful children, one tween and two teens. She has a passion for young people and loves their energy, authenticity and innocence.  Over the years Zi has taught art and cooking and baking classes to grade school kids in afterschool programs and her own kids camp.

Zi’s love for working with kids led her to Soul Shoppe.  She excited to be a part of fostering good character and communication skills in young people. Zi loves any shade of pink and her favorite cartoon character is Smurfette (who is blue, not pink).

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Jonno Norton

Jonno Norton, Social Media Guy

Jonno Norton is a social media marketing professional with years of experience under his belt. He’s marketed everything from small businesses to tech startups both nationally and internationally. Jonno is passionate about technology, footbag, bullying prevention, traveling, and the Android platform. He is happy to be a part of the Soul Shoppe team where his work can help affect the lives of children around the country.

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