The “Elementary Peace Program” is our year-round program for local elementary schools that provides support so your site can be safe, fun and bully-free.

This program is highly effective & easy to implement!

There are several components to the E.P.P.  Each of them support the entire school community to get on the same page about how to communicate and resolve conflicts.


Program Days

Choose from a menu:

Character Education Workshops

Whole School Assemblies

Specialized Lessons


Peacemaker Program Training

Student peacemakers are trained throughout the year to build student leadership and support safety on the playground. 3 – 1.5 hour training sessions + 1 follow up session.  Includes two painted peace paths on your campus.


Staff In-Service

Staff in-service supports the staff to create common goals for a safer and more peaceful school community. Staff will experience and practice Soul Shoppe tools for greater impact throughout the school year.


Classified-Staff Training

Special training with yard duty supervisors, teacher aides and lunch staff to support them with tools in their special roles in the school community.


Parent Training

Morning or evening meetings to educate parents in Soul Shoppe skills & practices, and how to best use them at home.


Classroom Meetings

Training for teachers and in class modeling and coaching for teachers on how to run successful classroom meetings.



Curriculum for all programs is provided on the Soul Shoppe website.  Use these resources to follow-up on programs. Go to our resources tab, then download curriculum for further info!


In the EPP, you can choose the number of student program days that fit your school needs.

Here is your list of student program options:


Character-Education Workshops

For greater impact and connection, these workshops are taught by grade-level and combine story-telling, student brainstorming and sharing. Click the workshop link for more info!


Whole School Assemblies

There are two delivery options for these:  3 grade-level assemblies in the morning, with afternoon classroom visits OR 3 grade level assemblies in the morning only. See assembly page for more info!


Specialized Lessons

These topics zero in on the issues that arise and impact the school community as well as address needs students face on a daily basis.

  • Secrets of Middle School Success
  • We Are Leaders!
  • College Dream
  • Team Building Day
  • Problem Solving 101

For more information about how the Elementary Peace Program can support your school community, make an appointment for a free consultation with us.

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