Elementary Peace Makers Program

30 students (grades 3-5/6) are chosen to be the campus peacemakers for the school year. Working closely with the school’s Peacemaker Liaison, Peacemakers receive a 3-part training to prepare them and 1 follow up lesson during the course of the year. The training can also be done in one full day.




In just 3 trainings, we will have 30 of your students trained in important peacemaker skills that include:

• “I” Messages: the essential communication tool

• “The Clean Up”: taking students beyond, “I’m sorry”

• “Stop & Breathe”: an important decision making and de-escalation skill

• Teamwork: through several activities, students will learn the value of working together

• Leadership: peacemakers learn about their role as leaders in their community


Peace Path


Peacemakers are trained to work with students along – THE PEACE PATH.

Paths are being painted on playgrounds everywhere! When students have a conflict, Peacemakers help them to literally and physically walk the path to peace. Peace paths are “life-size” (54” x 108”) and students slide step by step along this courageous journey in order to peacefully resolve their conflicts. Having the path permanently part of the playground allows students to use the path and the communication tools on their own.

More information about the logistics of the Peace Path can be found in the PM Liaison Packet.

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