Though our specialty is focused on serving elementary schools, we also provide support to middle schools in their prevention/intervention efforts.


Middle School Program Options:


Grade Level Workshops

Working with one grade level in one day, we provide five to six 45 minute workshops focused on creating more empathy, trust and understanding between students. Each 45 minute session is interactive and gives students the time to share, reflect and make commitments to contributing to a more respectful school community.


middle school leadership day

One Day “Get Respect” Program

In order for students to learn, they need to feel safe. We support schools to increase physical and emotional safety so students are set up for success in the classroom.

This powerful 1-day workshop is perfect for a group of middle school students who are ready to take on their school community in a different way. Taking 50-60 students, we provide a day of connection and team building that is filled with skills, activities and inspirational sharing. From this workshop, students walk away with leadership skills that can impact the whole school. ½ days programs are also available.


“Soul Shoppe has dramatically altered our school atmosphere through powerful lessons requiring students and staff to evaluate our actions and inspiring us to become better people.”

— Kathy Rosselle, Principal, Wells Middle School

To receive more information about our programs, email us or call us at (510) 338-3231.