Focused on building character & creating safe schools – each assembly listed below is designed to support schools to build community while learning important tools.


Using multimedia, live facilitation and audience participation, students are guaranteed skills to last a lifetime.


BE AN ALLY: Standing together as a bully-free school

In this interactive assembly, students learn skills that help them to be an ally when they see bullying.Download the Be an Ally Resource Packet



FREE TO BE: Creating bully-free communities

This introductory assembly . . .

    • Teaches 4 powerful “anti-bullying” techniques we all can use
    • Identifies 3 types of bullying
    • Learn several ways to stop yourself from bullying
    • Explores that we really don’t need to bully




This introductory assembly . . .

  • Learn to ask for what they really want
  • Gain two skills to help them express themselves
  • Engage in role-plays to put the tools in action
  • Create a peaceful, powerful learning environment

B.F.F. (Beautiful Friends Forever)

This fun assembly teaches students the skills they need to make a new friend and what it takes to be a real friend. With role-plays and activities, students will talk away with more respect for themselves and one another.


Situations can heat up quickly. This assembly will cool everyone off as we learn to “stop & breathe” so we can think and make a wise choice.



This inspiring assembly builds self-esteem & trust as students begin to see who they are & what they are capable of being for themselves & their school!


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“The staff and students felt it was the best assembly we have had!”

  • John Beason, Principal, Flushing, MI

“5th grade teachers feel your assemblies make a real impact on the older kids and they miss not having it more often. We are big fans of Soul Shoppe. Teachers and kids look forward to you coming.”

  • Kit Cosgriff, Principal, San Bruno, CA

“I would say that the time our school spent with Soul Shoppe was life changing. I could see a light go on in the faces of students and teachers. Our kids still bring up learning they acquired from the assemblies. Wow! They also wrote and contacted our local newspaper to share what Soul Shoppe brought to our school.”

  • Heidi Harding, Teacher, Spokane, WA