Our speakers offer workshops for both middle and high schools.

These speakers share life stories that will motivate, inspire and encourage students to think about the impact they make in our world.

Triumphs over abuse, journeys through addiction, battles with depression, and episodes of violence…these are just a few of the remarkable stories shared with audiences.

Each unique message delivers inspiring achievements in facing life challenges and offers students hope that anything & everything is really possible!

Interested in having us in your school? Here’s what we offer: Schools can schedule one speaker or a series of speakers throughout the year—special rates are given for schools that schedule 3+ speakers in one school year.



Ideally, we prefer to present workshops that have 2-3 classes of the same grade level in a private quiet setting (libraries are good). We present up to five 45-minute workshops in one day. Since one of our goals is to connect with as many students as possible, this smaller setting allows for a more intimate and interactive experience.


Speakers share their inspiring stories to large audiences. Keynotes are 40 minutes in length and 2 are presented in one day.

Equipment Needs

For most speakers, the school is required to provide all audio-visual needs, usually a screen, projector, laptop and for large groups a sound system and microphone.


Additional Resources

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