Character-Education Workshops

For greater impact and connection, these workshops are taught by grade-level and combine story-telling, student brainstorming and sharing.

Here are the character workshops we offer:

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Caring

  • Positive Attitude

  • Cooperation

  • Do Your Best

  • Wise Choices

  • Citizenship

  • School Rules

  • Trust/Honesty

  • Diverse-Ability

  • True Friendship

  • Be An Ally Workshop

  • Stand in my Shoes

Specialized Lessons

These topics zero in on the issues that arise and impact the school community as well as address needs students face on a daily basis.

We Are Leaders!

  • 4th and 5th graders set the tone for playground behavior and school culture. Through fun games and teambuilding activities, our We Are Leaders workshops prepare 4th and 5th grade students to be responsible role models and leaders at school and in their communities. We look at how we “show up” on the playground and in class, and lead students toward creating the school world they really want with planning, tools, and team support.

Secrets of Middle School Success

  • Transitioning into middle school can be very stressful on young people. Soul Shoppe’s Secrets to Middle School Success workshop is designed to help students make this important step with confidence and with heart. Using the metaphor that life is a journey, we invite students to “pack their bags” for their next adventure. We explore the most important things we’ll need to keep with us as 6th graders, then write those things in a letter to our future selves that we literally deliver to the middle school for the kids to rediscover next Fall.

Team Building Day

  • On-going arguments, continuous conflicts and never-ending bickering are signs that a class or grade level may need some extra support. This day is designed to help resolve conflicts and get the group on the same page working in cooperation and with respect for one another. Three hours are needed with one grade level, depending on size.

“I like that your program is a doing/learning program. I like the wealth of practical and applicable information. Also, it was fun, inspirational and energizing.”

  • Teacher, Lincoln Elementary School, Richmond, CA

To receive more information about our programs, email us or call us at (510) 338-3231.