The programs on this page are part of the year-round Elementary Peace Program.

In the EPP, schools can choose the number of student program days that fit your school needs. Here is your list of student program options:


Character Education Workshops

For greater impact and connection, these workshops are taught by grade level and combine story-telling, student brainstorming and sharing.

Here are the character workshops we offer:

  • Responsibility

  • Caring

  • Positive Attitude

  • Cooperation

  • Do Your Best

  • Wise Choices

  • Citizenship

  • School Rules

  • Trust

  • Diverse Ability

  • Stand in my Shoes

On-Point Lessons

These topics zero in on the issues that arise and impact the school community as well as address needs students face on a daily basis.


  • Everyone is different.  We have different abilities, we come from different cultures, we believe in different things and we all have different habits and ways of doing things.  In this workshop we will explore the different ways people learn and how we can support each other in our unique learning styles.  Everyone deserves the right to be in a school where everyone’s style is celebrated and respected.

Our School Rulz!

  • Students and staff are often confused by their school rules. Prior to this assembly, school staff will get clear about the school rules. In the student workshops each child will have a clear understand of the school rules and how to support each other to honor them.

School of Your Dreams

  • This workshop works to eliminate bullying behavior at your school.  We will discuss the difference between bullying and simple playing around behavior. The students will learn several ways they can take care of themselves so they don’t get bullied or don’t bully or hurt others.  Lastly we teach the school how to help each other and to ask for help, while we make a commitment to create a school of respect.

Be An Ally

  • What do we do when we see someone being mean to someone at school? Do we laugh, join in or pretend it isn’t happening?  Are there strategies that can actually help our students to create a culture of caring, understanding and respect? When students are given the tools to stand up for what is right the whole school succeeds, everyone is safe and problems are handled before they get too big. In this workshop students and adults will learn the 3 strategies to be an Ally for peace:
  1. What to say and do when we see bullying behavior (identify bullying)
  2. How to listen and help someone who has been hurt and needs a friend
  3. How to create a safe meaningful class discussion around bullying issues.

5th-6th Grade Transition into Middle School

  • The transition into middle school can be a scary one for many elementary students. In this special workshop, students will learn important tips that will answer questions, calm nerves and build confidence.

4th-5th Grade Team Building Day

  • On-going arguments, continuous conflicts and never-ending bickering are signs that a class or grade level may need some extra support. This day is designed to help resolve conflicts and get the group on the same page working in cooperation and with respect for one another. Three hours are needed with one grade level, depending on size.

“I like that your program is a doing/learning program. I like the wealth of practical and applicable information. Also, it was fun, inspirational and energizing.”

  • Teacher, Lincoln Elementary School, Richmond, CA

To receive more information about our programs, email us or call us at (510) 338-3231.